On The town, Olney Theatre Center

“The dancing in the Olney Theatre production of “On The Town” is a delicious gift from the heavens." 
"...the dancing is just the final touch that elevates this show as the theatre season winds down. Tara Jeanne Vallee choreographed this production and the dancing is so good it nearly deserves to be named as a role in the cast bios."
                                                              - MD Theatre Guide

“...dazzling choreography and a creative team on hyper-drive, Olney delivers a show that is pure perfection. I am hard pressed to recall another musical I’ve enjoyed as much."
"Choreographer Tara Jeanne Vallee, while paying homage to the original work of Jerome Robbins, makes the dances her own, with inventive, story-based steps and movement. It is a genuine delight to see such talented dancers showing off the work of an equally talented choreographer.  “Lonely Town,” in her hands, is a lovely ballet of people awash in humanity but so very alone."
                                                             - DC Theatre Scene

“...choreographed with verve by Tara Jeanne Vallee..."
                                                             - Washington Post

“In a show developed from a ballet – the Robbins/Bernstein Fancy Free – dance is the key element.  The cast executes Tara Jeanne Vallee’s superb choreography with unstinting energy and precision...”
                                                             - DC Metro Theater Arts

“...there needs to be a stellar choreographer...  This Olney production has one in the accomplished Tara Jeanne Vallee, and the dancing that unfolds is impeccable and precise.”
                                                             - OUTspoken


The Producers, Olney Theatre Center

“'The Producers' hits the only mark that will do, and that’s gold-plated giddiness.  The ensemble taps and spins well through Tara Jeanne Vallee’s big dance numbers."
                                                             - Washington Post

“I regret not being able to attend the opening night of THE PRODUCERS at the Olney Theatre Center because I would have shaked the hand of everyone who was involved in this amazing production."
"Tara Jeanne Vallee's choreography is spot on."
                                                             - Broadway World

“the “little old ladies” fantastic dance number “Along Came Bialy” complete with floor-length dresses, gray wigs and walkers.  Hysterical.  That number like so many others in the show was brilliantly choreographed by Tara Jeanne Vallee."
                                                             - MD Theatre Guide

The Producer's is as outrageous and delicious as ever …choreographer Tara Jeanne Vallee have marshaled a dynamic cast that keeps the comic energy at a fever pitch.”
“...some of Vallee's innovations for "Springtime for Hitler" will blindside audiences (in a good way). .”
                                                             - Talkin' Broadway

“Tara Jeanne Vallee’s choreography fully embraces the razzmatazz with big smiles, high energy and high kicks. I am a fool for tap dancing and I got several welcomes doses during this show.  And Olney, which has struck gold lately with their musicals, does it once again with Mel Brooks’ The Producer’s."
                                                             - DC Theatre Scene

The King And I, Olney Theatre Center

“The “Small House of Uncle Thomas Ballet” scene is brilliantly staged and choreographed by  Tara Jeanne Vallee.  The elegance and grace that is executed in this interpretational ballet routine is swanlike; divinity in fluid motion that tells an emotional story as the ballet progresses.  The ballet is Vallee’s finest work and makes for a truly tantalizing sight during the second act.”
                                                             - DC Metro Theatre Arts

“…the classic dance number with Anna "Shall We Dance" is astonishing.”
“A highlight of the evening is the superb ballet sequence "The Small House of Uncle Thomas" choreographed by Tara Jeanne Vallee.”
                                                             - Broadway World

“The best part of this production was “Small House of Uncle Thomas Ballet.”  Tara Jeanne Vallee’s choreography is beautiful and felt authentic and moved both stories along nicely. All of the dancers were great, but Rumi Oyama as Eliza and Aaron Komo as Simon of Legree stand out as above the rest.  Their movement felt foreign and expressive, but universal at the same time.”
                                                             - The He Said, She Said Experience

The Little Mermaid, Olney Theatre Center

"Everything’s hotter under the water and Choreographer Tara Jeanne Vallee is proving that with her sensational dance routines that truly electrify the performance. The animated tap routine featured in “Positoovity” is a brilliant combination of skilled tap moves and comic timing. Vallee’s repertoire includes a wide variety of influences from ballet moves to more modern demonstrations, even acrobatics. “She’s in Love” takes on a high-intensity aerobic quality featuring the mersisters and Flounder while “One Step Closer” is a dreamy series of romantic waltzes shared between Ariel and Prince Eric. Vallee stuns the audience into thunderous applause with the sensational showcase of wild and fancy-free dance moves in “Under the Sea” the delectable dancing delight of the show."
                                                             - Theatre Bloom

"Tara Jeanne Vallee’s choreography, which runs the gamut from zippy numbers to gracefully swooping ballroom dances, nicely complement every note..."
"...dynamic choreography"
"...ingeniously revitalized the show from the original Broadway production"
                                                            - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"...having inventive choreography by Tara Jeanne Vallee..."
                                                           - Broadway World


"The choreography by Tara Jeanne Vallee was smooth, logical, and organic to the action of the show."
"...a hands-down holiday treat for the entire family."

                                                             - DC Theatre Scene

"Choreography was clever and interesting..."
"If you are looking for a Broadway-caliber production in a local setting, this is it."

                                                            - ShowBiz Radio